Company presentation

The whole name of the company: AGM-MEGA developer, producer and service company.

Our company is small, but very active on the Hungarian market.

We have 6 employees, and contact with several independent experts.

Our Experts are  qualified and skilled, they have several years experience in the field of development production and service  of non destructive material testing equipments.

Company history:

the company was graunded in 1991 by some of the leaders of the laboratory of measuring technic of the which was part of the Material Testing Institute of the old  Csepel Works in the Socialst times.

At the beginning the main profile of the company was material and machine inspection, development production and service of equipments in connection with automation of machine technologies.

One of our early developments, an isotopic level gauge family is still in operation at several companies in Hungary

in 1993 we developed an inspection robot manipulator for nuclear power station.

Since 1996 came to the fore the development and production of ndt equipments in our activity, most of all the development of MPI test equipments - mainly to fulfil special requirements.

To fulfil standard requests, we offer to our customers the equipments produced by the German  KARL DEUTSCH company, and the eddy current equipments produced by Ibg AG, and Prütechnik AG.

During the last decades AGM-MEGA steadily accomplished the  service, maintenance, and repair technical examination works of the Karl Deutsch and Tiede made ndt equipments, mainly MPI equipments, and we supplied our partners with inspection fluids.

Current activity:

our main profile has not changed much, it extended with distribution and sales of test equipments and testing fluids.

We offer to our customer not only the test equipments but a full service: construction of the equipment, installation training maintenance, technical inspection, and qualification.

Our significant activity is:  development and construction of dedicated equipments.

To widen our palette in 2007 we became the representative and distributor IBG made eddy current test equipments.

These high quality equipments help us to offer the best solution of crack detection and material structure inspection problems to our customers.

Our main customers:

RÁBA Automotive Holding Plc., SIEMENS Power Generation Ltd, GENERAL Motors Powertrain Hungary Ltd., BPW Hungaria Ltd, FAG Hungary Ltd., Knorr Bremse Hungaria Kft, Dunai Vasmű Rt, BUNGE A. Martfű, HILTI Tools Ltd., etc.